Certified Public Accountant

Registered from the American Institute of certified public accountants, Dave Miller CPA, has been giving tax filing and tax preparation services for a long time now. By working with the right organizations and in the correct environments, our team of financial counsellors and advisers have gained experience and insight way ahead of their years.

Certificate Public Accountant Service

Here is a small list of services and skills a certificate public accountant such as Dave Miller can provide to businesses and individuals alike:


  • Tax Compliance.

  • Tax Returns .

  • Income Tax Planning.

  • EstateTax Planning.

  • Financial Planning.

  • Payroll Tax 

  • Sales Tax .

  • Monthly Withholding

Tax Issues

The biggest issues of taxes that arise in the country are related to the parity between the rich and the poor. Due to the unreasonable budgeting and taxation schemes, the poor are forced to pay more than their due while the rich are allowed to skim through them without proper authorization and regulation.

Working with us enables people from all walks of life to be measured equally. We offer proper channels and authorized controls over your personal property by checking each government imposed authority is acted upon. That is how we have established our self throughout the years, by leveling the playing field.

CPA in Boston

Not only does Dave Miller CPA do tax returns and audits, but are also trusted business consultants and advisers to small and large scale organizations respectively. Without the proper accreditation and license, one can not become a CPA anywhere. The best part about working with us is our up to date knowledge of all the rules and regulations that enables us to minimize your liabilities and increase assets.